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What Our Clients Say

75% of our clients said they wished they had attended counselling sooner.

95% of our clients said they would recommend Relate to a friend or colleague.

94% of clients rated the service they received from Relate either good or excellent.


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  • My sessions at Relate have been so beneficial to me, for my self worth, and my self respect and has made me reflect on my past experiences to improve and focus on my future

  • My counsellor was excellent. A true help. The outcome for me was separation but my counsellor was superb and I feel very positive about the future

  • I found my counsellor to be one of the most professional people we ever met, he is a credit to the process.  I can't thank him enough

  • I would like say again that you provide an excellent service and that your counsellor was excellent and found many ways of raising my awareness of how relationships work

  • I thought the counsellor was going to tell me what to do at the start, how to feel better, but as the weeks progressed I found out that only i could find answers and this counselling has really helped me to look at myself in a different light

  • Our counsellor was a very caring, understanding person and showed respect and commitment to seeking solutions for us as a couple.  A very professional service.

  • Sorry we did not come sooner

  • At first my husband refused to go, but once he did go he thought it a great help.

  • The waiting time which we were told at our assessment could be up to 10 weeks.  This was very bad.  As it happened we didn't have to wait that long, but someone else might have to.  Our marriage wouldn't have lasted another 10 weeks

  • The service was warm and friendly.  The counsellor listened well and was very understanding.  It was a great relief to be able to talk

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