Brain Tumour Support

Brain Tumour Support

“2 in 3 people feel that their brain tumour diagnosis had a negative impact on their relationship.” *

Are you experiencing changes in your relationship because of a brain tumour?

If you, your partner, or child have been affected by a brain tumour, you are eligible for up to 6 sessions of counselling with a Relate NI professional, fully funded by the Brain Tumour Charity (TBTC).

The types of fully- funded services available are:

Our services have now also been extended to support for parents of children that have brain tumours.

To find out more information and seek a referral, fill out the form here, and The Brain Tumour Charity then aims to contact you within seven days to refer you to Relate NI’s counselling service.


“How will relationship counselling improve my situation?”

Healthy relationships are critical to our mental well-being. However, a brain tumour diagnosis can cause a strain on healthy relationships and on confidence to form new relationships.

Our highly- skilled counsellors focus on a relational approach to provide a safe and confidential space to talk about the issues that have made you seek therapy. Relationship counselling is an effective and crucial intervention, especially where there is continuing relationship distress for a prolonged period of time. However, it can also provide the tools to navigate relationship pressures, and prevent relationships falling into crisis when individuals, couples or families reach out for support early.

If you have any further queries you can contact The Brain Tumour Charity on;

0808 800 0004 


* (Losing Myself Report, The Brain Tumour Charity, 2015)

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