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Relieve the Pressure on your Family

Healthy and fulfilling relationships are essential to our health & wellbeing. The New Year can provide a clean slate, giving us the opportunity to invest in our relationships with our families.

For many people however, the idea and reality of spending time with our families can lead to increased pressure and worries which may give rise to conflict in our family relationships.

For others, the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic and lockdown may mean you are unable to spend time with your family or extended families. This may have been the first festive period without a loved one at the dinner table.

It is normal to seek relational support in order to deal with the additional pressures that the festive period may have put upon us. Below you will find expert advice and support which helps you Relieve the Pressure on you and your family. 

Relate NI’s team of skilled and professional counsellors are also available to help support people and their relationships.

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