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Separation Counselling

What is it?

Separation and divorce can be painful and difficult. Counselling is a focused opportunity to think about your individual situation. The aim is to help you, whether as a couple or on your own, to reflect on emotional issues underlying your relationship breakdown, to come to terms with what has happened and to manage the impact of separation amicably.


How can it help?

The decision to separate is never an easy one. Whether the decision was yours, or your partners, you’re still likely to experience a roller-coaster of emotions. Counselling helps people who are separating and/or divorcing, to deal with their grief and anger, so that they can move on with a new sense of purpose and optimism. This includes looking at:

  • How relationships change
  • How to bear and manage grief
  • What is the real value of anger
  • What acceptance is and what it enables us to attain
  • Discover a pathway for the separation
  • Learning to be “single”

Counselling and working through the issues of separation with someone who has no involvement or investment in the outcome can help people get through this difficult time.

In reality, many people live happy, fulfilled lives following a relationship breakdown. Many people choose to enter into new relationships and many do not.


"Very impressed with the way our Relate NI counsellor managed the sessions. They provided each of us with a voice and offered balanced perspective. She was very non-judgemental and enabled us to reach a greater understanding of the issues we were creating.  She also made us feel normal when it felt anything but."

"This service is more valuable than I could have expected and I feel so relieved having used it."



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