The Great Relate NI Bake Off

The Great Relate NI Bake Off

On your marks, get set, bake & donate!

Utilise your relationships and host a Relate NI Bake Off to help us to continue to provide lifesaving relationship support to families and communities in Northern Ireland. A little (healthy) competition is advised between bakers. However, if you are baking with a family member or your partner, we will have our conflict resolution tips on standby (just in case)!

We will provide you with everything that you need to get underway with your Relate Bake Off. Sign up today to gain access to:

  • Relate Bake Off posters,
  • A personal Relate NI fundraising page,
  • E-invitations to invite family and friends to taste the best bake,
  • A Relate recipe book filled with lots of yummy recipes,
  • Fundraising tips & much more!

How can you get involved in the Relate Bake Off?

  • Encourage your organisation to host a Relate Bake Off. Ask staff members to bake and have a set of judges to score each baker. Each baked good can be sold in the organisation for a small donation to Relate NI.
  • Hold a Relate Bake Off in your community group or school. Charge a small donation per bake or ask people to send a donation to your unique fundraising page. We can provide you with a QR code that will direct people to your fundraising page.
  • Host a Relate Bake Off with your family & friends. Gather those that mean most to you and each bring baked goods from the Relate Recipe book. Have a couple of designated judges and raise money for Relate NI!


(1) Round up your family, friends, work colleagues and baking enthusiasts,

(2) Fundraise,

(3) Spread the word on social media with our #RelateBakeOff hashtag,

(4) Bake,

(5) Donate!

Can you take part in the Relate Bake Off to help more people with relationship support?

“Life is brighter… Relate NI definitely saved my marriage but quite possibly saved our lives as well” (Service attended- Adult Relationship Counselling for Couples)

“Thank you Relate NI for a good night’s sleep”. (Service attended- Kid’s Counselling).

“Relate NI has been instrumental in mending my life for the past year. I want to specifically mention my counsellor who is an extremely talented, compassionate and comforting counsellor who has, in many ways, saved my life and allowed me to flourish in ways I didn’t think possible before starting. The reception staff are always welcoming and friendly as well. There may be a bit of a waiting list, but that is more reflective of a lack of services across NI and the volume of individuals who require treatment not readily available in this country. Relate are worth the wait and I am blessed to have been provided their services which I continue to use when and as needed.”

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