Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

Sexual Issues & Relationships

Sex therapy, sometimes known as Psycho-sexual Therapy, can be helpful for couples and individuals aged, 16 and over who have specific sexual concerns arising from their intimate, couple or sexual relationships. This is not a sex addiction service. Many of the people who reach out to us for support will be experiencing distress resulting from one or more of the following difficulties;

  • Sexual/Intimacy issues
  • Where different partners have differing sex drives
  • Where sex is painful
  • Problems getting aroused or orgasming
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Problems climaxing
  • Vaginismus
  • Lack of body and sexual confidence
  • Changes or deterioration in sex life related to other life triggers and transitions


If you are experiencing any sexual difficulties, Sex Therapy can help you identify and explore them, and approach them from new perspective which can enhance intimacy in your relationships.

Fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of this page, call us on 028 9032 3454 or email if you are wanting to enquire about Sex Therapy. 

A New Partnership: Therapy Based Programme to Quit Compulsive Sexual Behaviours

We have launched a new partnership with the not- for- profit organisation, Pivotal Recovery to offer:

An affordable, online, therapy based programme to quit porn addiction, sex addiction and compulsive sexual behaviours. This programme is safe, secure and anonymous. 

“How Relate NI helps people”

I felt the weekly questionnaire, couples with the counsellor's understanding of my needs help contribute to my own understanding of my mental health and needs throughout.Service Attended Adult Relationship Counselling for Individuals
I had a very good counsellor that helped me through a lot and it has made me come out the other side.Service Attended Adult Relationship Counselling for Individuals
Been a lifeline to help us fall in love again - forever grateful!Service Attended Adult Relationship Counselling For Couples
Relate NI has helped me move on as well as understand myself and situation more.  My counsellor listened to me, facilitated me and was compassionate!Service Attended Relate NI Teen Counselling
We had four funded sessions and cannot express how grateful we are for the help, guidance and knowledge. Our counsellor was incredibly professional, and her experience and obvious passion for helping couples like us was exceptional. She helped us to understand ourselves and each other like we otherwise never would have been able to.Service Attended Adult Relationship Counselling For Couples

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