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If you decide relationship support could be beneficial to you, and you are ready to commit to counselling therapy, we can undertake an initial consultation together with you to decide what service is best for you. You will then embark on a series of short-term counselling sessions - anything between four and twelve sessions is normal, but it will depend on the issues you are experiencing.


The Relationship MOT

This 50 minute session is an easy way for couples…Learn More

Sustaining Healthy Relationships Womenstec

Sustaining Healthy Relationships

Our "Sustaining Healthy Relationship" Project includes free relationship support workshops…Learn More


Relationships & Sexuality Education

The RSE programme is an age-appropriate, sex-positive, LGBT+ inclusive programme…Learn More

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy, sometimes known as Psycho-sexual Therapy, can be helpful…Learn More


Adult Relationship Counselling for Couples

Relationship support can be helpful for couples who have concerns…Learn More


Adult Relationship Counselling for Individuals

Relationship support can be helpful for Individuals who have difficulties…Learn More


Family Counselling

Family relationship support can be helpful for supporting relationships within…Learn More

Relate NI Kids Counselling

Relate Kids can help primary school-aged children, usually up to…Learn More

Relate NI Teen Counselling

Relate Teen can help post-primary school-aged children, usually aged 11…Learn More

“How Relate NI helps people”

“I found the Relationship MOT an excellent method of focusing on we work as a couple and just as importantly, where we need to work. It was professional, insightful and well worth the time. It has reminded us of how much we have to be proud of in our relationship and why it is so important to occasionally review it with experts.”Service AttendedRelationship MOT
“I would definitely recommend using the Relationship MOT service as a bit of a check in with your partner. I thought how the counsellor was able to steer the conversation was very insightful and nuanced. The MOT reminded us about why we are great together but also the importance of communication and respect.” “Our counsellor provided an outside perspective which immediately helped us to agree that we needed to stop and think with more kindness and empathy for each other especially when stressed or pissed off. We both felt that our counsellor’s excellent and gentle facilitation was quite invigorating. So many positives!”Service AttendedRelationship MOT

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