Struggling with Co-Parenting? We can Relate.

Negotiation, respect, and support are at the heart of successful co-parenting.

If co-parents are able to value each other’s contribution, respect and support each other, including being able to negotiate, research has shown that there are better mental and physical health outcomes for the child / children involved.

Co-parenting is support and agreement between adults responsible for the joint care of children.

Successful co-parenting includes:

  • support one another’s actions and decisions;
  • make and stick to agreements about how to raise children;
  • Avoid undermining each other.

Support is available for parents who are co-parenting or children impacted by co-parenting in their family set ups or separated or blended families, who:

  • Are finding agreement on their co-parenting strategies difficult.
  • Are considering separation.
  • Have recently separated.
  • Separated some time ago.

When would families benefit from Relate NI’s Co-Parenting service?

Families may benefit from support when experiencing one or more of the following life transition points:

  • Leaving home – partner/older children
  • Relationship breakdown in couple relationship
  • Separation or Divorce
  • Encountering changes in a couple or family relationship
  • Leaving a job / changing career/ changing school
  • Becoming a parent/ child leaving home
  • Retirement or redundancy
  • Adapting to a serious illness or disability
  • Bereavement
  • Moving on after a major life experience
  • Changes to family structure such as new siblings/blended families

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