‘Relating’: Relationship Hacks for Everyday Life

'Relating': Relationship Hacks for Everyday Life

The ‘Relating: Relationship Hacks for Everyday Life’ Podcast

In March 2022 Relate NI Commissioned Ulster University to carry out evidence based research on healthy relationships and their importance across our life spans. We have developed a 6 series podcast based on the Sustaining Healthy Relationships research.

Podcast guests include a range of wellbeing professionals and industry experts. Sharing our stories and research emphasises our hope of making expert information and support on healthy relationships available to everyone.

We want to break the stigma of accessing relationship support for couples, families, individuals, young people and communities. These podcasts delve a little deeper into our research findings and we bring them to life.

Episode 3: Healthy Relationships & Good Mental Wellbeing with the NI Mental Health Champion, Professor Siobhan O’Neill

Thank you to the Ulster University School of Communications and Media team for collaborating with Relate NI on this project. In particular, Dr Maggie Long and Dr Anne Moorehead who led on the research project. 

Another special thanks to Jude Mullan and Sarah McGarrity. Podcasts were recorded by Ulster University Technician Jude Mullan and BSc (Hons) Interactive Media soon-to-be graduate, Sarah McGarrity – who led the production. 

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