Couple Relationships

Couple Relationships

Healthy Couple relationships can be extremely beneficial for our wellbeing and can help us feel safe, supported, and loved. 

However, even the most loving of relationships come under pressure from time to time. A couple may experience various ‘relationship transitions’ which can impact on their relationship during it’s life course, including;

  • Planning for a family or have recently started one 
  • Dealing with changes in your family such as a child coming out
  • Issues communicating effectively
  • Issues moving forward after infidelity 
  • Dealing with bereavement or a life changing health issue 
  • Changing routines including when children have left home
  • Dealing with separation and the impact it may have on children
  • Committing to a new relationship

Whatever the circumstances, when transitions like these put pressure on our couple relationships we may notice that we are arguing more. Communicating becomes difficult and we may even find it difficult to be intimate with eachother. Whether you are facing one of these issues, or if you just want to carry out some relationship maintenance to help you prevent falling into issues down the line in your relationship, regular relationship maintenance may be able to help you learn the skills and techniques to cope better.

Relationship counselling is an effective intervention that can provide a confidential and impartial space to resolve or overcome our relationship issues. Our counsellors will work with you to achieve your desired outcomes in the relationship, helping you to understand why you communicate the way you do, how to let go of anger and resentment, prepare you to deal with future transitions and explore how you may repair your relationship or plan for separation if that is what you decide to do.

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