Therapy Based Programme to Quit Compulsive Sexual Behaviours

A Therapy Based Programme to Quit Compulsive Sexual Behaviours

A Therapy Based Programme to Quit Compulsive Sexual Behaviours

We have launched a new partnership with the not- for- profit organisation, Pivotal Recovery to offer:

An affordable, online, therapy based programme to quit porn addiction, sex addiction and compulsive sexual behaviours. This programme is safe, secure and anonymous. 

Overcome Porn & Compulsive Sexual Behaviours in just 60 days with the Pivotal Recovery Programme. Based on over a decade’s research and therapeutic experience with thousands of men and women. Pivotal Recovery is not a sobriety course, but a recovery course. This will change your life, not just your habits. A serious, sex-positive, inclusive solution for problematic sexual behaviours.

For a cost of £75 (or 3 monthly instalments of £30), you will receive 60 podcasts that guide you through the 6 steps of recovery, as well as an interactive digital workbook that provides the space to reflect on your journey and personalise the content to your individual situation.

Each podcast lasts 10-20 minutes and Pivotal Recovery recommend spending a further 30 minutes completing the tailored exercises in your workbook. All materials are instantly accessible for as long as you need them, so you can choose the pace that’s best for you.

Information Session with Dr Paula Hall

Dr Paula Hall is a UKCP Accredited Sexual & Relationship Psychotherapist who specialises in helping people affected by porn addiction and compulsive behaviours. Since her work in this field began, over 15 years ago, she has become increasingly passionate about developing national and international services to meet the ever growing problem. Furthermore, she campaigns for better education and social responsibility to protect others from falling into the sexual addiction trap. She believes that overcoming sex addiction requires compassion, commitment and courage and she adopts these principles personally in her therapeutic approach.

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