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Adult Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling is available for couples, families and individuals. Couple and family relationships are fulfilling, satisfying and enriching, but they are also complicated, challenging and constantly changing.

Maintaining a fulfilling relationship is not easy. It requires effort and everyone experiences the challenges and pressures caused by a wide variety of issues and circumstances, which are normal and perfectly natural.

In every relationship couples/families have to learn how to listen to and understand each other. Communication may be complex, so couples must learn how to make it easier and more constructive. In the process conflicts develop and hurts are caused which have to be resolved.

Couples have to learn how to negotiate around difficult discussions. They also have to learn to keep the fun, respect and love in a relationship.


In the course of a relationship there are many common issues that arise which counselling can help to resolve or overcome. Pressures arising from finances, work, age and health also impact upon our relationships. Many feel embarrassment about having to attend counselling, or consider themselves a failure for having to seek help. In reality it is a wise person who recognises their weaknesses and acknowledges their need for help in maintaining an important relationship.

Every year thousands of people come to Relate NI where they experience a safe environment to speak with a counsellor who is impartial and will help people to talk their issues through.

Relationships go through stages:

  • Single - contented or frustrated
  • Loving someone - happiness and joy or agony
  • To marry or not to marry? - One wants to, the other does not
  • Married - contented or.......growing apart
  • First baby - wonderful, but tiredness and emotional turmoil lead to misunderstandings and different sexual needs
  • Family - demands, relatives
  • Life changes - employment, finances, health, hobbies, bereavement
  • Empty nest - children leaving home
  • Separation/divorce - thinking it through

Counselling can help by enabling the couple, family or individual to consider what the difficulties are, how they arose and how to deal with them and to do so with the assistance of an experienced and well trained counsellor.


"Our therapist was very good at listening and giving appropriate directions to improvement of our relationship.  She was extremely patient and understanding - thank you"

"Relate NI has been vital in restoring our relationship - thank you"

"I would just like to say a very big thank you to my Relate NI Counsellor.  This process has been very rewarding for my relationship and greatly appreciated."

"This has been a lifeline to help us fall in love again - forever grateful to our Relate NI Counsellor." 


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