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Relationships & Dating Post-Lockdown

In celebration of Relationships Week, Relate NI as part of the Relate Federation, has conducted a piece of research with dating site eHarmony to look at the people’s attitudes to dating & relationships as we move out of living in lockdown.


We polled 3,010 people across the UK, including 305 in Northern Ireland, and asked them a series of questions about how the pandemic has affected the quality of their relationships, self-esteem and attitudes to dating & sex.

The results have been compiled into a new report, ‘The Way We Are Now 2021.’

Below are some of the key findings for NI. Download the full report by clicking here. 



  • Almost a third (28%) of people living in Northern Ireland say their self-esteem has increased compared with pre-pandemic levels. In contrast, 26% said their self-esteem had decreased.
  • 66% of people in NI believe self-esteem is linked to success in Romantic Relationships.
  • 41% of NI singles are keen to enter into romantic relationships with one or more people, a higher number than the UK average of 36%.
  • In addition, almost 4 in 10 respondents in NI (37%) have made more effort than pre the Covid-19 pandemic to learn from previous mistakes and/or recognise unhealthy romantic patterns.
  • Over a fifth of single people in NI (24%) noted that they use self-help resources including books, online quizzes or advice from wellness influencers more than they did pre the Covid-19 pandemic. (Check out our relationships week self-help tips here)
  • Over a quarter (32%) of single people in NI who are more likely to enter into romantic relationships, since restrictions have relaxed, think this is because they have a better sense of what they want from a relationship than before the pandemic, and 26% don’t want to waste any more time.
  • However, sex presents an issue for some. One in four NI singles surveyed (26%) feel ‘out of practice’ in the bedroom, while a 12% are not ready to be intimate again.


Click Here to Download the Full Report

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