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Tips & Support to Love Yourself



Relationship Tips to Improve Your Relationship With Yourself & Others 


Next time you aren’t perfect, acknowledge it, accept it and then let it go. Loving and accepting ourselves is one of the hardest things we can learn to do. It’s about accepting our own flaws and failures without letting them define us.

Try talking to yourself how you’d talk to someone else. In all likelihood you’d probably be a lot kinder to someone else who came to you with a problem than you are to yourself.

Take things at the right pace for you. Whether that’s dating someone, reconnecting with family and friends or just getting out and about again; we’re all at different stages coming out of lockdown and that’s okay.

Make yourself a priority. Carve out time to do the things you love. Self-care is an important part of looking after your wellbeing.

Talk to someone. If you’re struggling coming out of the pandemic, know that you’re not alone! Find someone to talk to about it. This could be a partner, friend or even a counsellor.

You don’t always need external validation. Sometimes our own recognition and acceptance is enough.

Remember how to have fun. The past year has been challenging for so many people. Try to do things which you enjoy and see the people who make you happy.

Try to stop comparing your relationship to other people’s or at least notice when you’re doing it. Every relationship is unique and no relationship is perfect. 


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Self-help resources: For a range of online self-help resources including videos and downloadable resources to help you Relieve the Pressure on you and your relationships visit or download our Love Yourself relationships guide by clicking the image above.



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