Teenagers & Relationships

Teenagers & Relationships

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Navigating life as a young person can be difficult.

Every day, teenagers face a range of pressures including from dealing with puberty, pressures to perform at school or to get a job, peer pressures and for some young people, broken families or relationships may also be impacting us.

Sometimes these pressures can have a negative effect on our personal relationships and wellbeing. When this happens, remember, it’s totally okay not to feel okay!

Young People may benefit from speaking to a professional about how they are feeling. Relate NI has a team of friendly therapists who are trained to work with young people aged 11-17.

A Relate NI therapist can help you explore your life experience and what you are going through – nothing is too bizarre or not something somebody else hasn’t experienced and got through before!

Relate NI Teens Counselling Service is a free, confidential service which is geared towards working with you to look at what may be affecting you and to develop confidence and assuredness in order to feel okay.

Our relationship with ourselves is the longest and most important one that we have. If we can’t love ourselves, how are we going to love anybody else?

Of course, at times this can be much easier said than done. Sometimes our self-esteem or self-confidence can get knocked, or we can spend too much time concentrating on other people and other things and not make time to nurture our relationship with ourselves.

If we don’t deal with the pressures on ourselves, it can make a massive impact on our mental health and how we show up in our relationships.

Yes, learning to love our beautifully imperfect selves can take time, practice and perhaps even some therapy but the positive impact that can have on our relationships and overall wellbeing is huge.

It is time to come get some support if you are experiencing any of the following;

  • If you find yourself struggling to shake off low mood
  • If you find yourself starting to notice anxiety that you can’t seem to let go off
  • If you are demotivated or struggling to find meaning in life
  • If you are noticing that you are not being kind to yourself

Counseling is an effective intervention that can help you to value yourself, be kind to yourself and get to a place where you can embrace both your strengths and your weaknesses, so you can be who you want to be rather than who others expect you to be.


Teenagers should speak to their GP or another healthcare professional in order to get a referral into Relate Teen, feel free to shoot us a message using the contact form below or give us a call if you need some advice on how to go about doing this.

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