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Civil Servants

“Good quality relationships are at the heart of a thriving society.

Not only do relationships give our lives meaning, they are essential to our health & wellbeing”

However, factors such as long working hours, financial problems and a lack of time can put pressure on our relationships.

Even the most loving relationships will experience stress from time to time. But by investing in regular relationship maintenance, we can improve our wellbeing.

Relationship counselling is an effective form of relationship maintenanceparticularly where there is ongoing relationship distress for a period of time.

Employees of the NI Civil Service and their loved ones are eligible for up to 4 sessions of counselling with a Relate NI professional, fully funded by The Charity for Civil Servants.  

Types of counselling available fully funded include;

To avail of this service, NI Civil Service employees can fill in this short form on The Charity for Civil Servants website to be sent a voucher code to your email address. Then contact Relate directly on 01302 380271 quoting “Charity For Civil Servants” & Your Voucher Code to arrange your first session with Relate NI.  

The Charity for Civil Servants (ForYouByYou) may also fund additional sessions where the client contacts directly and makes a request which will then be means tested. 

Only employees of the NI Civil Service will be eligible for funded counselling. Agency workers and others should contact us to explore other referral options.  

What issues does Relate NI help with?

Some common reasons people seek support include:

  •         Couple relationships and their effects on children
  •         Working away causing tensions/making it hard to find or hold down a relationship
  •         Loneliness or loss related to relationships ending
  •         Covid-19 related tensions, loneliness, anxiety and grief
  •         affairs and trust issues
  •         Physical and or psychological issues with intimacy
  •         Family separation, step family relationships, new families
  •         Bullying, harassment, self-harm, school pressures impacting children and young people
  •         Other issues such as money worries, parenting, addictions causing rows and arguments

What people say about our services

"Relationship Counselling has been a lifeline for us to fall in love again"

"The space to talk freely without judgement helped me a lot."

"When I first came to counselling I felt like I was drowning. Having completed my sessions I now feel like I can cope with things a lot better."

"My counsellor was exceptional at helping both me and my children navigate a particularly difficult situation. I will be forever grateful."

Over 90% of people who access our services believe that it has improved their wellbeing85% of respondents to our annual survey said they wished they had attended Relate NI sooner.  


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